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TouchBasic Networks was established in 2002, to address and service the needs of individuals and small business owners in Canada and elsewhere around the globe whose common goal is to communicate more securely, and efficiently, through the use of emerging technologies.

Our mandate is to provide a wide range of information, advice, service, and support in the areas of web development and design, networking, internet security, ecommerce, training, consulting, technical support services, computer hardware, and more. This is accomplished through a variety of creative collaborations and partnerships, drawing on a community of users with similar interests.

We believe that technology exists to be explored and experimented with. Our goal is to help people identify, select and implement industry leading technologies which address their particular needs. In doing so, Touchbasic hopes to inspire and attract creative minds by providing a space for ongoing discussions, and the opportunity to participate in new projects.

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We use Freshbooks to invoice our clients online.

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Invoice Clients Online

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