Our Clients

These are some of the sites we’ve worked on.

Ongoing Project:

  • Indyish - v3

    Indyish – Version 3
    url: http://www.indyish.com
    [developed in 2009.]

    Indyish is our ongoing project. Version 3 (aka codename: “Unboxed”) [...]

Our Past Clients:

  • How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup - by Greg Wolfe

    How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup
    url: http://www.plasticcupbook.com
    [developed in 2010.]

    How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup is a book written by Greg Wolfe. Introduced through a mutual friend, i was asked to quickly design and setup a basic website for the author before his appearance on “The View” that same week. Working with very few graphical elements and a modest amount of time, a custom WordPress theme was created and everything worked out well for the client.

  • Elyse Lambert - Sommeliere

    Elyse Lambert – Sommeliere
    url: http://www.elyselambert.com
    [developed in 2010.]

    The Elyse Lambert website is a clean personal site with a blog component. The design was brought to me and i was responsible for html and css code as part of creating a custom WordPress theme.

  • Airmouse

    url: http://www.theairmouse.com
    [developed in 2010.]

    The Airmouse website is a product based website, the design was provided by the client and we were responsible for creating a static design based on html and css.

  • Barroco blog

    Barroco blog
    url: http://www.barroco.com/blog
    [developed in 2009.]

    The Barroco blog had their own site design but wanted a blog component added which they would be able to edit and customize on their own. The graphic design was provided and we converted into a custom WordPress theme with a quick turn around.

  • Cypra Media

    Cypra Media
    url: http://www.cypra.com
    [developed in 2009.]

    Cypra had their own site design but wanted to be able to edit and really customize their content. We moved their design onto a WordPress backend and customized it to create their very own WP theme.

  • Jor-Al

    url: http://www.jor-al.ca
    [developed in 2009.]

    Jor-al had their own website already but wanted a design refresh and the site migrated to a CMS. Graphic design for the site was provided by Darren Curtis, while we provided the migration to a custom WP theme and functionaliity.

  • Melissa Paulson

    Melissa Paulson
    url: http://www.melissajpaulson.com
    [developed in 2009.]

    Melissa wanted a basic portfolio site to showcase her professional photos and video content. A custom WordPress theme was developed from scratch with gallery and video streaming capabilities.

  • Jen Glasgow

    Jennifer Glasgow
    url: http://jenniferglasgowdesign.com
    [developed in 2009.]

    Jen wanted her existing site to be more easily manageable, less complex. We moved her existing design onto a WordPress backend and now she can edit and add new content as easily as sending an email.

  • Worn Journal - v2

    Worn Fashion Journal – Version 2
    url: http://www.wornjournal.com
    [developed in 2009.]

    We worked with Worn Fashion Journal editor Serah-Marie McMahon to design a site that would be easier to navigate for users and easier to update for editors. Made heavy use of both left and right sidebar – both of which are highly customizable.

  • Train with Mike

    Train with Mike
    url: http://www.trainwithmike.ca
    [developed in 2008.]

    This site was designed by Riccardo Cellere. We developed a custom WordPress theme based on this new design. We also added custom contact form functionality.

  • Lux Photos

    Lux Photos
    url: http://luxphotos.com
    [developed in 2008.]

    This site was designed by Riccardo Cellere. We developed a custom WordPress theme based on this new design. The site also makes extensive use of flash galleries.

  • Who is KK Downey

    Who is KK Downey
    url: [OFFLINE]
    [developed in 2008.]

    The website for the film, Who is KK Downey? was migrated to WordPress on a really tight timeline/deadline. With the movie’s pending release, the existing design was moved onto a custom WP theme, streaming video clips were added too. The result was a highly functional site created in about a day.

  • Indyish - v2

    Indyish – Version 2
    url: http://www.indyish.com
    [developed in 2008.]

    Indyish is our ongoing project. Version 2 (aka codename: “All Site Refresh”) brought many changes and improvements in layout and presentations of information. There was extensive use of custom theme templates to give it the flexibility it needed to accommodate a growing community of artists.

  • melissa cartwright

    Punch Shoes – Melissa Cartwright
    url: http://www.melissacartwright.com
    [developed in 2007.]

    Melissa Cartwright’s site was simply to be a space where she could showcase some of her custom shoe designs. Colors and photos where chosen in advance and 5 pages where created.

  • Living Lightly

    Living Lightly
    url: http://www.livinglightly.ca
    [developed in 2007.]

    Living Lightly is a non-profit organization that needed a simple, friendly and informative website to showcase their cause. We designed their site on top of WordPress so that it would be easy for them to edit content and the site would be capable of growing as the organization grew.

  • Web Hosting Wednesday

    Web Hosting Wednesday
    url: http://www.webhostingwednesday.com
    [developed in 2007.]

    WHW was a fun little help hosting related experiment that ran in 2007. It is built using WordPress and a dark, custom WP theme.

  • OJM screencap. click to visit this site.

    Open Journal Montreal
    url: http://www.openjournalmontreal.com
    [developed in 2006.]

    OJM is mixture of formal and informal writing, and they emphasize the importance of archives and the accessibility of content and conversation. Though the site seems simple on the surface, in reality it’s been through an extensive series of customizations, all TouchBasic enabled.

  • Actaeon Photo screencap. click to visit this site.

    Acteaon Photo
    url: http://www.actaeonphoto.com
    [developed in 2006.]

    Acteaon Photographer Darren Curtis wanted a clean and functional site, and it’s what he got. The portfolio pages are easy to update, and we consulted with him to create simple systems for managing private customer interactions.

  • Worn Journal screencap. click to visit this site.

    Worn Fashion Journal – Version 1
    url: http://www.wornjournal.com
    [developed in 2005.]

    We worked with Worn Fashion Journal editor Serah-Marie McMahon to design a site that would translate the journal’s special aesthetic to the web, without repeating content. This site combines basic pages for a business card-type site design, with a front page event blog, and a system for archiving a growing number of store reviews. This site owner has tons of ideas for further developments so watch out, we’ve got a live one here.

  • Indyish screencap. click to visit this site.

    Indyish – Version 1
    url: http://www.indyish.com
    [developed in 2005.]

    The Indyish site breaks off into three seperate worlds, all containing custom code. Under the umbrella of the Boutique we’ve stashed surprises like the automatically generated Window Shopping image gallery, full price list of products, and the Artist and category storefronts. In the world of Network, you can follow the feeds from other Indyish artist blogs, and subscribe to any or all of the feeds from Indyish. In the Blog, you can read posts by everyone in the network- it’s a collaboratively authored space.