Search Engine Optimization

We can help you improve your rankings with major search engines like: google, yahoo and msn.

Target specific keywords, develop optimized copy, and general consulting.

SEO analysis: we’re also able to help you get an idea of how well your existing site is ranking and offer suggested improvements.

More Details:

- add specific meta “keywords” tags to header for each page
- add specific meta “description” tags to header for each page
- add specific image “alt” tags for each image and “title” tags for each link
- configure a dynamic sitemaps file that automatically submits to google, msn live, and yahoo search engines
- fix any google Content analysis errors (duplicate, too long or too short meta descriptions, missing/duplicate title tags, Non-indexable content)
- fix any google Web crawl errors (Errors for URLs in Sitemaps, HTTP errors, 404/Not found errors, URLs timed out, Unreachable URLs)
- improve your google PageRank with a link-building strategy (increase inbound links)
- blog regularly, signup for and ping/notify blog ranking sites like technorati.com whenever you publish a new post
- reduce and optimize all code – smaller files means faster page loads and more time for search engine spiders to index your content

- – - – - – - – - – -

here’s a typical estimate:

SEO analysis / planning stage [approx. 3-4 hours]

- analyze site and plan strategy
- choose target keywords and key phrases
- identify competition in search rankings
- set realistic / measurable goals

SEO strategy [approx. 5-8 hours]

- record initial results / current search rankings
- apply all planned optimizations

SEO maintenance / monitoring [approx. 2-6 hours per month]

- record progress in search rankings
- identify strengths and weaknesses
- suggest methods for improvement
- re-evaluate current strategy

- – - – - – - – - – -


- good search engine ranking depends on literally over a hundred factors, some of which are out of our control (like how well your competitors’ sites are doing).
- furthermore, search engine “best practices” are always changing to adapt to new algorithms used in the biggest search engines like google, etc.
- as such, overall SEO results can vary from site to site. there is no guarantee with SEO.
- you can, however, cancel our SEO services at any time, if you are not satisfied with the progress and results we achieve (or, if there is a point at which you are happy with the current results and don’t feel a need for any further optimizations).

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