Web Services and Consulting

We offer 2 basic types of services. Our “Web Services” are aimed at individuals that are already running their own websites. They are usually just short-term customizations for your site. On the flipside, we offer “Web Consulting” for mid-sized projects, aimed at people who are still thinking about setting up a website or otherwise developing an online presence and are looking to add depth and substance, third-party services.

Web Strategies make web dreams happen. Have a plan, then make a site. Make it a deep site, make it do what you want. And Remember: We’re with you all the way.
Web-based services are all the rage. Easy access to added service. With a click of a button add security, ease and awesomeness to your web experience.

Secondary Services:

  • Site Design / Development
  • WordPress Based Services (plugin installs, upgrades, theme customizations, site migrations, and backups)
  • Business Services and Solutions (web based productivity tiils to improve your workflow)