Site Statistics and Analysis

Maybe you’d like to know more about how well your site is performing but you don’t like math.
That’s ok. But everyone is aloud to likes stats. Stats are fun, especially when they come with colorful charts and graphs.

Let TouchBasic sort out the math from the fun.

Get daily, weekly, or monthly (your choice) stats for your website or blog sent directly to your inbox.

Email reports include:

Total visitors
Total unique visitors
Total requests for pages / hits
Top 3 browsers (and percentages)
Top 3 Operating Systems (and percentages)
Top 5 Referrals (sites that link to you)
Visitor stats for Categories (for blogs)
Visitor stats for Comments (for blogs)

Invoice Clients Online

We use Freshbooks to invoice our clients online.

This is the easiest way to get paid for web based contract work:

Invoice Clients Online

Need Web Hosting?

We recommend DreamHost for serious web hosting.

Flexible, tons of disk space and bandwidth, excellent price:

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