FTP / SSH / Email Accounts

required: you must already own your own hosted domain.

Once you have set up your own domain, we can help you set up multiple email addresses (ie: yourname@yourdomain.com). With this service you get 15 email accounts and unlimited email forwarding (which you can use to forward email to another email address like a gmail or yahoo email account).

Read the page on getting Help setting up you Email account.

You also get 15 SSH accounts (for logging into your domain via the terminal / secure shell) as well as 15 FTP accounts (for uploading / downloading data from your domain).


Invoice Clients Online

We use Freshbooks to invoice our clients online.

This is the easiest way to get paid for web based contract work:

Invoice Clients Online

Need Web Hosting?

We recommend DreamHost for serious web hosting.

Flexible, tons of disk space and bandwidth, excellent price:

awesome web hosting