Web Hosting (1-year)

Every site needs a hosting provider. Let us help.

Web Hosting starting as low as $5.00 per month.
That works out to only $60 a year to keep your site online.

What You get:

- 2Gb of storage per month (the average website is only about 1/40th of this size)

- 32Gb of bandwidth per month (transfer a ton of data to and from your site)

Plus, you get:

- 15 email and 15 ftp accounts (so you can set up something like yourname@yourdomain.com) – Read the page on getting Help setting up you Email account or the page on Understanding FTP.

- Also, check out how to deal with spam using Gmail.

- An Unlimited number of email forwardings (so you can forward yourname@yourdomain.com to something like youname@gmail.com or youname@yahoo.com).

- Plus, you can use this account to set up as many domains as you like (ie: yourdomain1.com, yourdomain2.com, yourdomain3.com, and so on).

Not included: your actual domain name. You must register your prefered domain name with a Domain Registrar before your site can go live.

All hosting plans are billed by paypal with the name: PC Cruiser Enterprises Inc.

Invoice Clients Online

We use Freshbooks to invoice our clients online.

This is the easiest way to get paid for web based contract work:

Invoice Clients Online

Need Web Hosting?

We recommend DreamHost for serious web hosting.

Flexible, tons of disk space and bandwidth, excellent price:

awesome web hosting