Browser and Feed Icon

cool little “Page Title” icon for your domain ($15.00)

appears at the top left of browser windows and in feedreaders/newreaders across your entire domain.

close up of icon in Internet Explorer LocationBar

close up of icon in FireFox LocationBar

icons appear in FireFox tabs and in the LocationBar

close up of icons in FireFox Tabs

If you are interested in getting a Browser and Feed Icon for your website please prepare an image (remember that it should be something that will still look good if it is really tiny) for us. Then, purchase this service and we will contact you and convert this image into an icon suitable for adding to you website.

Also included: we take care of adding the 2 small bits of necessay code to get this all working for you.

Invoice Clients Online

We use Freshbooks to invoice our clients online.

This is the easiest way to get paid for web based contract work:

Invoice Clients Online

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