WordPress Upgrade

Is your website still running on WordPress 1.5 through 2.8.4 ?

We can help you backup and upgrade your system to the most recent version of WordPress.

Current Stable and Secure Versions is: WP 2.8.5

Package includes:

- Complete Database and File Backups
- Upgrade to newest version of WordPress ( * see bottom for more info * )

Extra Addons: [ coming soon ]
- Testing of Custom Templates (including code compatibility testing)
- Upgrading and testing of any Plugins


Upgrades to the most recent, secure version of WP within a given series: $100 (file and db backups included).
[example - from WP 2.8 to 2.8.5]

Upgrades across branches to a newer series of WP will cost: $250 (file and db backups included).
[example - from WP 2.5.1 to WP 2.8.5]

Invoice Clients Online

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This is the easiest way to get paid for web based contract work:

Invoice Clients Online

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